Sunday, August 1, 2010

First feverless night in 5 days

As far as pneumonias go, I think I must have caught it early, because I'm feeling a whole lot better here on Saturday night. Alex is off with her old high school buddies drinking somewhere downtown (nothing too alcoho I hope, since she's driving) while I hung out here with the boys. My sickness has slowly faded today from really crappy this morning to now where I am feeling alright. Oral temp. of 97.9F isn't too bad, either. Thanks for the well wishes to everyone who have been calling me, messaging me, and posting here on the blog about it. I give it up to the expensive (but seriously worth it) antibiotic: levaquin. Thank god pharmaceuticals don't just make "little blue pills" but also invest in some innovative antibiotics to combat a horde of diseases that are becoming immune faster and faster to our resistances.

The boys had a pretty uneventful night; they didn't enjoy dinner too much so I had to supplement with additional citrus. I think crab isn't quite up to snuff for their palates yet; honestly I don't blame. I don't like much seafood myself, with the exception of crabcakes. These ones were made with the Costco fresh crab meat, which we bought last week and was still super fresh and delicious. Yum, yum. I've saved the fried up patties for Alex when she gets back to feast on at her leisure. They truly were tasty, despite our other fresh celery and carrots biting the dust well before the crab did. Ah well. After dinner, Eli and Jude wanted to play around so we watched some Rugrats before trying out each of the toys in the toy box that could be pulled out. Then, delightfully for me, they cooperated with the "pick-up" game and we put away nearly all the toys. Joy! I'm so glad that we worked on that one. They went to sleep pretty well, too, although I went into their bedroom later on in the evening to discover that Jude had passed out in the middle of their room on top of one of his stuffed bears. I gently picked him straight up and placed him delicately onto his mattress. Along for the ride came his big stuffed bear too. That boy has a kung-fu grip if I've ever seen one!

Well, that's really all I've got right now. It's late, I'm still a bit tired. I hope everyone's enjoying the weekend; summer is fast ending and I am starting to feel it. I've only got 2 more weeks of time with the boys before I'll be back at school. I'm glad to have an academic schedule though; it'll give me a lot more time with the boys in the long run.

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  1. Glad you're feeling better! Pneumonia...yikes!