Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let Sleeping Babies Lie

The last few days have been very trying for ALL of us, it seems!  I thought I was the only exhausted one (other than Travis that is, who does have pneumonia and is resting more often than not) but it seems that Jude is just as sleep deprived.  All of his night time shenanigans seem to have made the poor boy beyond tired.  I snapped this picture at the end of breakfast time.

My poor baby fell asleep with a piece of waffle in his hand!  I put him straight down for his nap and he didn't stir at all.  Eli was not so keen to take a nap, but he is quiet now too.  I'm sure he's just as tired since Jude goes and wakes him up whenever he wants to play.  I just hope they take a good nap and are happy little boys when they get up!


  1. the boys are too cute. i hope travis feels better soon, and superhope no one else gets sick! i'm pretty sure that with twins we'll have nowhere near the ease in transitioning out of the crib that we did with brody. oh well.

  2. Thanks for the concern =) I am feeling much better now in my 3rd full day of antibiotics. The kiddos don't seem to have it yet.. (hopefully ever) but we're watching them closely!