Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eli+Jude+Sliding Glass= Sillyness

Life doesn't get much better than a vacation at the beach. So far, the boys have enjoyed everything about Sarasota; it's just so calm, peaceful, sunny, warm and muggy but also breezy and dry, all at the same time. The salt water is wonderful, and one can taste it in the air. Intoxicating. Eli and Jude are having a great time too; they've been to the beach, played in the sand, splashed in the waves, dived in the pool (which they are learning to hold their breath too!) and eaten at all the local spots.

The boys are having so much fun, and so are we watching them! Here's a video of one of their favorite new things about the condo, a tinted sliding glass door that they move back and forth in and out of. We have a hard time keeping this door closed without one or both of them crying how much they want the freedom to go in and outside! Enjoy!

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