Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Monday - Week 2

Okay, so last week with the menu we did pretty well.  The only hiccup was that we ended up going out to dinner on Friday so I made the chicken parm on Saturday and didn't make the Indonesian satay.  That's fine, we'll work it into this week's menu.  Pretty good for our first week, I think!  Hopefully we'll do even better this week.  :)

Monday - Alex at AMOM meeting, leftovers/potpie for Travis and the boys

Tuesday - "Lost Night" (seriously, I need a new name for this event!)

Wednesday - Indonesian satay with fried rice

Thursday - Crab cakes with veggies

Friday - Spinach and artichoke macaroni and cheese with grilled chicken

Saturday - Ranch burgers with sweet potato fries

Sunday - Travis at game, leftovers for Alex and the boys

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