Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big Boy Beds

I normally try to keep the blog pretty light - which is silly because I think that more people should see the nitty gritty part of raising twins, but all of that is fodder for a post on another day - but know that today was not a light day for me.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep, maybe it was something else, but I had a very hard day today.  Looking back at the day, it doesn't seem like very much but I guess it was the culmination of a lot of things and I went totally off the deep end.  It was also a hard day for Travis, but I'm writing this post.  : )

Travis woke me up as he was getting ready to leave for his Dr. appointment (I've been sleeping late because of the pills for my back) and had been up with the babies for two hours already.  This in itself is unusual.  On top of them waking up ridiculously early, Travis found them both standing on top of the changing table pulling on the blinds.  I knew they had been climbing out of their cribs for a few days in Eli's case and a few weeks in Jude's, but up until now it has been pretty sporadic.  I played with them this morning even though I was completely exhausted and was excited to take a nap or even just relax during their nap times.  Too bad naps were non-existent today.

I put Eli and Jude down for their naps just after 11 am, as per usual, and they chatted for a little bit, also normal.  Then, I heard a lot of laughing and banging so I thought I'd check on them.  Sure enough, both boys were standing on the changing table playing with the blinds again!  I put them back in their cribs, told them that we do not climb out as calmly as I could (let's be honest, not very calmly) and went back to the other room.  We did this dance about five times in the next half hour before I completely lost my cool.  And Eli and Jude could not get enough of it!  They thought I was absolutely hilarious!  Which of course, became more aggravating and I was becoming more and more angry.  I finally decided that the three of us were going to sit in the living room and NOT nap until we could figure out a sleeping solution.

When Travis returned home, he very sweetly picked me up a delicious burrito from Chipotle but I was still furious, exhausted, and drained so I wasn't very pleasant.  We decided to convert the cribs into toddler beds - the kits arrived a week or two ago and we've been putting it off - and just deal with wandering babies.  I was skeptical of this plan because I was envisioning our little boys passed out on the floor, surrounded by ripped up books and toys in the middle of the night.  But, we really didn't have any other option (except crib tents, but we decided against those already).

I left for an impromptu Mom's Night Out dinner with a couple of the Moms of Multiples and prayed that bedtime went smoothly.  I just got home a little while ago and peeked into Eli and Jude's room and was pleasantly surprised (okay, SHOCKED!) to see that both boys had passed out IN THEIR BEDS!  Travis said that there was lots of crying and banging on the door for the first half hour, but then they realized it was still bedtime and went to sleep.  I'm so proud of my big boys, sleeping in their big beds!  Even if they do drive me absolutely bonkers.


  1. OH Alex, I hear you and feel your pain. Hoping for a better day today. I can't believe what climbers both your boys are... they must be following and teaching each other! Wishing you many safe and sleepy naps and nighttimes.

  2. I'm scared to death of transitioning to big beds, but your sweet boys have given me some confidence! Like you, I think I'll wait until they start crawling out (which will *hopefully* not be before kindergarten.)

  3. As my mother always said to me, you totally deserve this because of what you put me through! You were much worse of course and started to climb out of your crib at about 1 year old, but every second of frustration, fear, anger, and exhaustion actually make for the very best memories. Love you and are so proud of my big boys!