Monday, August 30, 2010

20 things for 20 months

Twenty months ago today, my beautiful boys were born.  It's hard for me to digest that it's been so long.  Sometimes it seems like the days just drag and drag but before I know it, a month has passed.  Then six.  Then twelve.  Then eighteen.  Now we're at twenty, with the two year mark just lurking around the corner.  It seems so far but December always sneaks up on me.  So, to commemorate these short twenty months, here are twenty things I love about my babies.

1 - the way they take a bite of their food and then put the "yucky stuff" on their brother's plate.

2 - the little curls on the back of their necks.

3 - their "hippo teeth" when they smile.

4 - when Eli tells me that he pooped when I'm tucking him in (when he didn't) so I'll stay a little longer.

5 - when Jude sticks his fingers under the bedroom door because he knows I can see them.

6 - the way they knock on doors and ask for "Dadda?" or "Momma?"

7 - how after we visit people with dogs they think it's appropriate to lick the people they love.

8 - how they hold any flat object up to their ears and say, "Hewwo?" like it's a phone.

9 - the way they climb into the toy box because they can't just choose one toy to play with.

10 - when Eli wants to help and puts away his toys before nap-time without me asking.

11 - when Jude hands toys/food/sippy cups to Eli when he's still in his high chair.

12 - the way they cuddle with each other and go out of their way to hug each other.

13 - the way they try to brush my hair when my hair is in a bun.

14 - the sweet kisses they give (even when they slip a little tongue!)

15 - the way they bat their eyes and pretend to be shy around girls.

16 - how adventurous and fearless they are when climbing and playing.

17 - the way they think all four legged animals say "Moo!" and all birds say "Quack!"

18 - when Jude dances to music and laughs.

19 - when Eli tries to sing along to songs on TV or the radio.

20 - the way they put their heads on my shoulders and relax, even when they're trying to act like big, tough boys.


  1. Aw...makes me want to cry. They are so precious!

  2. Time goes by so fast, doesn't it?? I remember when my little boys were doing all those things too...sigh.