Saturday, August 7, 2010

Introducing a New Blog!

Sorry the posts have been kind of sparse this week, I've been working on a side project in all of my spare time.  As many of you know, I love to cook.  And I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.  So, I decided that I wanted to start sharing recipes and talk about food more.  As this idea grew, I realized that it was simply too big and would quickly take over this blog which I want to keep family-related.  Besides, there are separate audiences for recipes and baby posts and I thought it would be best not to mix the two.  So now I present to you... *cue drumroll*

Chef Momma and the Hungry Hornes!

Hop on over and follow it if you're interested. Pass it on to your friends!  Grab a button!  Comment! I'll be posting both here and there and I'll probably cross link to recipes in my weekly meal plans. I'm super excited and I hope you are too! :)

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