Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home Again

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been a week since my last post!  We got back from Chicago very late on Tuesday night and yesterday I was trying to run around and get us all settled again.  Today I have a lot to do because I'm hosting this month's Book Club meeting for my Moms of Multiples group.  I'm really excited but I have a lot of cleaning and food making to do before I'm ready.  : )

Our trip to Chicago was a lot of fun.  We went to the Museum of Science and Industry and Eli and Jude were upset that they didn't get to spend the whole time looking at the baby chicks or playing with the interactive water exhibits.  We ate some DELICIOUS food (as always) including Lou Malnati's pizza, Portolli's hot dogs, Rockit's hamburgers (supposedly the best burger in the country, according to Good Morning America), Emilio's Tapas, and some tasty Chinese food in Chinatown.  Beyond the food, we did a lot of walking and some shopping in downtown Chicago and spent an afternoon at Millenium Park.  And, above all we had a great time hanging out with the whole family!  We were sad to head home but I really missed my bed.

Sadly though, Eli and I are now sick.  I have almost no voice, and what voice I do have sounds like a man.  Not sure where we caught this gross bug, but it's no fun.  Jude seems to be coming down with it too and I'm hoping that we all get over it quickly.  I feel like we JUST got over the last sickness!


  1. You have a Moms of Multiples book club? What kind of books to you read? Anything and everything? Or to you keep it to things related to that?? Like "Identical Strangers"? How fun!

  2. we read pretty much anything - not necessarily twin related. but one of the books selected was written by an identical twin (a non-fiction memoir about the war in afghanistan) so that was interesting. we meet once a month and it's just nice to chat with other ladies who know what it's like to have twins, triplets, or more. :)