Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mom's Night Out!

So, tonight I went to my first "Mom's Night Out" gathering with some Moms of Multiples in North Austin and it was very fun. There was tasty Mexican food (though I skipped the margarita - liquor and pain meds would not be a good combination) and great conversation. I haven't left the house by myself since my back surgery last month so it was a welcome relief. It's nice to have an adult conversation without having someone interrupt me and tell me they have poop in their diaper. :)

Also at the dinner was a nice woman visiting from Los Angeles who recently wrote a book about raising multiples. I'm excited to read the book and I'll share my thoughts when I finish!

This week has been pretty low key otherwise. Travis is going to get up super early to grab a place in line for the new iPhone 4 release in the morning. I bought him some Mountain Dew Throwback (LOVE IT!) so he won't be a complete zombie. I've also been reading about waste-free lunches and am (temporarily? I hope...) obsessed with bento boxes. They're just too cute! Who wouldn't want to eat a lunch that was carefully thought out and decorated especially for you? I know Eli and Jude will probably be completely embarrassed but what else are Moms for???

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