Thursday, June 17, 2010

Come To The Dark Side, We Have Cookies!

In honor of Father's Day, this upcoming Sunday, the festivities have begun! Today we spent the afternoon getting prepared for all of the fathers/grandfathers in our lives and then we came home and I finished up Travis's "surprise" cookies. They ended up not being a surprise because I can't drive myself to and from the house yet, so Travis knew I was baking something for him (the darn All-In-One Bakeshop gave me away!) and then I gave in and showed him the cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma. I was planning to make them ON Father's Day but I got impatient. Aren't they super cute??? :)

The muscle relaxers have made my piping skills a little wonky (not to mention the Williams-Sonoma recipe for royal icing for cookie decorating was TOTALLY WRONG!!!) but I think they came out pretty well all the same. Travis requested a picture of the bad guys surrounding Yoda...

Happy Early Father's Day!


  1. These are too cool! You did an awesome job, Alex! Love the first pic of Yoda surrounded. :-)

  2. Thanks Leslie! Next time though, I think I'll just color the dough. The royal icing just took so long! : )

  3. happy father's day to yourhusband. i posted this reply on my blog but wasn't sure you'd see it:
    huh, alex, i've heard of what you described. i'm pretty sure, as you noted that they are actually fraternal. once we get settled, i'd love to meet in person. maybe our boys will play together and i can pick your brain on raising twins. i've so appreciated your support since the conception of the blog! my email is