Friday, June 4, 2010

Johnny Rockets!

Today we drove back down to San Marcos to get the windshield replaced on the Odyssey. What could have been mind numbingly boring for Eli and Jude was actually a pretty fun (though probably still a little boring) afternoon at the Outlet Mall! We walked around and browsed a little bit in a couple of stores for me - it was torture tearing myself away from the Coach purses that were an additional 20% off today only - but mostly stores for Eli and Jude. We got them a couple of pairs of cheap Osh Kosh shoes because we seem to keep losing the right shoe to most of the pairs we have. We also dropped by the Sony outlet to try to see their new 3D televisions but the outlet didn't have one. Instead, Travis got himself a new PS3 game as a birthday present.

In the middle of the browsing, we stopped for lunch at Johnny Rockets! Travis loves the '50s diner and apparently has been disappointed that the one in Austin closed years ago. And who doesn't love a restaurant that gives the kids cute hats? We jammed out to oldies and ate some tasty burgers, shakes, and fries. I couldn't resist taking a few shots of the adorable paper hats either. Too bad Eli and Jude wouldn't keep them on their heads! Eli warmed up to it after a while but Jude was having none of it.

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