Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jude Is a Monkey

Literally. When Travis went to get Eli and Jude out of their cribs for the day, he (and I, in the other room) was surprised to find Jude on the floor, playing. Neither one of us heard him climb out so we have no idea when he did it and he seems to have not hurt himself. Travis put him back in the crib, thinking it was a fluke, but he climbed right out again. I'd be more impressed if I was less worried. We haven't completely baby-proofed their bedroom yet because they aren't allowed to play in there... that will not be the case after today. I'm just glad that nothing serious happened since he could have done all kinds of things.

As far as long term solutions, we're still considering our options. Travis just ordered the toddler bed conversion kits for our cribs but I feel like they're too young for them at only 17 months. But, the other option is a crib tent which I'm pretty sure won't fit correctly on our cribs - aside from the fact that I'm not sure I even like THAT idea. I think I'd feel like I was putting my poor little babies in prison every night. I don't know, we're thinking about every situation and trying to decide what's best for Eli and Jude. Their safety is our biggest concern.

The whole family is going to my follow up appointment from my surgery today, hopefully everything is healing correctly! : )

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