Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Extreme Fun!

Yesterday we went to Extreme Fun near our house - an inflatable play-land for kids under 10 - with Auntie Skylar, Auntie Sydney, and Lolli. The boys had lots of fun running around the toddler area and sliding down the back of the fire engine. There was also a steering wheel in the police boat that they'd sit at for what seemed like forever! Auntie Skylar was very disappointed that she wasn't allowed in the toddler area but Auntie Sydney had a great time sliding and chasing Eli and Jude. We tried to take the boys into one of the bigger inflatables they had so Auntie Sky could bounce with them, but the poor little guys couldn't climb up the ladder to the top of the big slide so we pulled them out.


  1. Loved the video and Blog!! More please.....

  2. Don't worry Dad, when I get my iPhone 4, I'll take video of the boys a whole lot more (since it'll be so simple)!