Saturday, March 27, 2010

PLAYGROUND on 3/27/2010!

So Alex, Eli, Jude and myself went to the playground today, and had tons of fun. The day was pitch perfect, with sun all around and not a cloud to be seen for miles. The boys sure enjoyed the heck out of it and were really psyched to see everything. At the end of this post, I'll post all the videos about it.

Also, in the unfortunate category of news.. Jude smashed his left index finger in with the door to our foldable chair/table set. It's mainly my fault; I walked away for a second to check on the video encoding (see below), thinking the boys certainly wouldn't get into too much trouble in one minute playing in the dining room (big mistake) when I heard Alex asking Jude if he was okay. I rushed out to the dining room just in time to hear a monstrous scream he must have been holding back for a while erupt from the poor baby's mouth. I was panicked at this point, feeling guilty that I left him alone and frustrated at myself for being so stupid. Fortunately, Alex assessed his injury and we think, right now, that its just going to be bruised in the morning. He could move the finger easily and was picking things up, eating, and sucking on it for a bit without pain, so I imagine it looked worse than it was in reality. I hope that's the case!

Anyway, enough of my rambling: Here are the videos:

Eli and Jude Swinging:

Eli and Jude on the Playscape Part 1:

Eli and Jude on the Playscape Part 2:

Eli and Jude on the Football Field:

And as a special treat: Me reading Moo, Baa, La La La to the boys and them answering with the animal noises! Our babies are so smart =)

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  1. We love Moo Baa LaLa at my house too! I have 2 boys, older than yours, it is crazy!!