Monday, March 1, 2010

Maybe I'll do it... finally.

I could blog about the boys, perhaps. That might be an easy one to do. I'll say this though, once I get a new iPhone this summer... I'll be video-blogging the boys for all time. I'll have to figure out how to link YouTube to Blogger for easy uploading here... but they're both Google apps, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Oh, right, onto the boys. Eli and Jude have been sick for the last 2 weeks, finally I think we're out of the woods though. They didn't have RSV, but some sort of annoying cold that they passed to each other at least once. Oh well... sickness, thy fate is with babies. Let's hope the upcoming Spring is great for their health!

Cute things the boys did today: Eli brought me a forgotten slice of Apple from yesterday's dinner that he found -somewhere-. He was so proud of his find, but I was even more proud to see how he was holding it- with his pincer grasp. He's becoming so dexterous. Jude's cute moment for the day was when he brought me a block that had a whistle in it, and I shook it to show how it made noises, and he giggled and started jumping up and down and mimicked the motion when I gave him the block. They love sounds, our sons.

As a first post, I hope this is good. Video blogs will be coming soon!

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