Monday, March 1, 2010

Breakfast Time!

So, as I sit here watching Eli and Jude methodically devour their Eggo waffles, bananas, apples, and milk, I realize that our babies have a strange eating system. They haven't quite mastered silverware and will promptly throw any plate handed to them so we usually just put a few pieces of each food item on their high chair trays and refill as necessary. I've noticed before that they both like to hold a piece of (usually different) food in each hand and bite from each alternately. But today, I noticed for the first time that Eli inspects the food thoroughly before taking a dainty bite. He holds it up in the light and finds the most delicious looking part of the waffle and then takes a little bite and even chews with his mouth closed sometimes. And when he doesn't like something after taking his dainty bite, he drops it straight down to the floor beneath him or places it on Jude's tray. It's fascinating.

Judah doesn't do the "inspect it before you eat it" ritual and has always been a little bit messier, but he's still a remarkably clean eater. I'm a little sad that we don't get very many good spaghetti all over their face/head/hands pictures, but that is quickly washed away with the happiness that comes with minimal baby cleaning after meals. There is usually a minefield of half-eaten apple slices on the ground though. : )

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