Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kitchen Gate II - Success! For now...

So yesterday after much internet searching and message board browsing, I decided to just buy the Evenflo Crosstown Travel gate. I called all of the Walmarts and Targets nearby and - shocker - they were out of stock. I looked up the number for Toys 'R' Us and they too were out. I finally gave in and called the evil that is Babies 'R' Us (I know TRU is the same company but for some reason I don't hate them as much...) and they had ONE in stock. There was only ONE of these stupid, mediocre reviewed gates in all of Austin. I had them hold it for me and picked it up. Luckily, I had a coupon so it only set us back $34.99 before tax and I saved the receipt and box, just in case.

After my mom's party, Travis and I installed the gate. My main comment/complaint is that it is NOT a travel gate. It was such a pain to get the correct width setting that we've decided not to move it. Ever. But, it fits tightly and is made of mesh so I can see the babies/they can see me.

It got its first tests this morning when Eli and Jude both went up to the new gate and squished their faces against the mesh, trying to break through with their faces. It was adorable. They continued to do it all day so hopefully I'll get a picture tomorrow. When that didn't work Eli tried to slide through the 4" gap between the bottom of the gate and the ground (okay, so I know this gate is supposed to be ideal for people with baseboards because of its different settings for top and bottom... but it was enough work to make it fit at one width, let alone two!). And, it didn't budge despite all of the face-squishing. I'm optimistic that this gate will solve my problems. Hopefully there will be no part three... : )

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