Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kitchen Gate - Oh, How I Loathe You

So, the boys figured out our (admittedly simple) kitchen gate situation a few days ago. They pushed over the chair, moved the gate, and BAM! freedom. They did it once the first day and once on the second day. Today, we are not so lucky. I've stopped counting how many times I've heard that chair hit the ground today, but it's pretty constant. They've even pushed the chair over on top of each other a couple of times. Let me tell you, today has been AWESOME.

So I've been looking around for an extra wide tension gate for the kitchen that won't make us poor or fall apart in a month. This seems to be an absurd request. I saw one gate - marketed for pet owners - that cost more than $250. I found one gate that will stretch the width we need for $50 that got pretty hit or miss reviews.

Travis suggested we just let the boys in the kitchen. I am not keen on this plan. Not only would we have to install cabinet locks on all of the cabinets and drawers - two locks per cabinet since Eli and Jude are genius babies who have already figured them out - that comes to 22 locks that need to be installed. Never mind that it's already a small space and I probably won't get any cooking done while worried about tripping over one of my darling children. And I'm not sure how we'd keep their hands away from the stove and out of the oven. It just seems like too much to worry about. More than I can handle during the three plus times per day that I'm making food and countless times when they'll just run in there. Besides, with my luck, the cabinet they'd learn to unlock first would be our fine china... No thank you.

So I'm still in search. If I have to build one myself, I will. I guess this story is to be continued...


  1. nail the gate to the doorway

  2. we tried that (actually screwed it into the wall) but because there are NO STUDS in the darn dry wall. it worked for a few hours before the babies ripped it out of the wall. now we have two beautiful holes in our walls. : )

    i finally found a new gate so we'll see if it works tomorrow.

  3. ahh, alex, we're in the same spot. We have a weird opening to our kitchen, angled and extra-wide, and still haven't gotten a gate. The other day I said to the boys, "your daddy does not understand how difficult this is for me or he would've helped me figure it out by now." Saturday we're going to try to find one that works and hopefully get it installed. Hope yours does the trick!! Also, great blog, you're a great writer!