Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Day Ruined

Friday was a snow day.  It was awesome.  We had about a half inch of snow here at our apartment (sorry, only one picture!) and the entire city shut down.  My physical therapy was rescheduled and all of the schools Travis can substitute at were closed.  The boys and I stayed in our pajamas and snuggled on the couch to watch movies under a blanket.  All that was missing was a mug of hot cocoa.  Frankly, it was turning out to be an awesome, quiet snow day.  Of course, this is when the day decided to stop being so awesome.

I wasn't present for what I'm about to describe so I'm not sure exactly what happened.  I think I was in the bathroom or something.  Apparently, Travis and the boys were playing with the multitude of balls littering our living room (thanks, Mom for that ball pit by the way... : ) ) and somehow a racquetball found its way into the mix.  You know, one of those sort of heavy, blue bouncy balls.  Anyway, one of the boys threw it directly into the television.  The tv seemed okay at first so the offender got a time-out and they moved on.  We turned off the tv and put Eli and Jude down for their nap after lunch.  Once the boys were settled, Travis and I plopped ourselves back on the couch to play our respective video games - him Fallout 3, me The Sims 3 - and it became clear the tv was broken.  Travis turned it on and there were green lines all the way across the entire screen.  Thinking it was the PS3, he changed the input and the lines remained.  I had no idea why it would act like that but Travis knew exactly what happened.

So, the poor old tv is being sold for scrap parts on Craig's List and we bought a new one from Costco.  Not exactly how I envisioned spending our coming tax return, but the new tv is really nice and we plan to keep it for the next 10+ years.  Needless to say, there is no more throwing of balls anywhere near the television.

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