Sunday, January 30, 2011

Laptops and Bed-time shenanigans

Dad bought the boys two Leapfrog Leaptops for the holidays this year, and the boys love them. Unfortunately for them, they already have spilled milk onto one of the Leaptops, so only one is left that can be used by the little ones. This does provide some very cute moments of sharing, like the one below, but for the most part is troublesome as either Jude or Eli decides that the laptop is "mine!" and they get into a fight, ending in some tears for at least one baby. We can always redirect with another toy, although this is becoming increasingly less effective as their cognitive abilities have increased :-)

So bedtime has become increasingly difficult for us over the past few months. Before, the boys were pretty good about getting into bed when they needed to. Lately, they want to fight the urge to sleep like they're Stephen Colbert in hand to hand combat with a bear. To combat this effort, lately we've been trying to tire them out in their bedrooms, with Alex and myself sitting on the couch ready to read books to them once they're ready to sit and read. This sometimes works, and this video from last night is definitely one of the better night times that we've had recently. They tired themselves well out and plopped down in their nap mats, which they seem to enjoy sleeping in over their actual beds these days.

PS: Note that you can open the YouTube videos into a new window and make them HD quality. This might be better than the experience you're getting by opening the video in this page! I encourage you to try it!

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