Saturday, February 12, 2011

More silliness at bedtime

As a follow-up to the last post regarding our T.V., I am immensely happy that we got a new one. It was definitely on the list of "would-likes" this year, and despite the fact that we were forced into buying it now, the TV we purchased is a huge upgrade that we got for a good deal. 46" TV absolutely dominates a 32" one, and the fact that its black levels are more than 10 times better doesn't hurt either!

Anyway, back to the actual blog. The boys certainly are growing fast these days. They know all their numbers from 1 to 10, even venturing into the teens occasionally, they know their letters, they know their colors... I can't believe how fast they're growing. They're making complete sentences these days, although they're generally 3 to 4 words max. So smart....

Right now as I'm typing this up, they're fighting over a guitar strap that each of them wants to play with. Sharing has definitely become more of a problem as they're growing, and I hope we can afford to double everything from now until they turn 19 (if you're reading this from the future kids, yes, you're only getting 1 car as of now).

At least bedtime is still fun, even though it's chaotic. Now that Alex is back at work again, the boys are back at school so that tires them out more during the day and they get to sleep earlier. We like that, but they've still got tons of energy to keep going. One day, they'll go to sleep well by themselves, but its still a struggle today!

Here's a good look at their new game, combining "The Ground is Lava" with "Race to the mats!". I think it's really cute! P.S.: Sorry about the aspect ratio; I was filming in portrait mode, generally the worst for showing movies on computers. I'll make sure to get back to landscape next time.

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  1. So cute!!! This totally brings back memories of when mine were that little. It goes by SO fast!!