Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Houston, We Have a Molar!

Or several, actually! At the end of last week, I was afraid Eli and Jude might be getting sick - AGAIN!!! - because they were covered in snot from the time they woke up until they fell asleep and Jude felt a little warm here and there, but not full-blown fever hot. We just got over a croup-like cough and I was not enthused to have to deal with the stress of two sickies so soon. But then on Monday, Jude opened his mouth really wide and laughed and there was a molar on the bottom left side! I felt around and sure enough, there was one molar all the way out and two more were poking through. I felt in Eli's mouth too for good measure and he has three little molars about to break!

I am SO glad that they're not sick, but the fact that they have REAL TEETH is really bringing it home that they're getting so big. I can't help but miss the little bitty lumps that used to snuggle with me all the time. Now they just want to get a quick hug and then squirm out of my arms to run around in circles and climb into the toy box. But I guess that's what parenting is all about.

Oh yeah, and Happy Cinco de Mayo! :)


  1. thanks for stopping by, commenting, and introducing yourself. are you in south austin? there is a listserve for southaustin jewish families i can share. we plan on joining the moms of multiples group. this will all be so new to us!

  2. I find it's soooo hard to know when they're teething now. I just can't get in there to feel/see what's going on. My guys have both been super upset for no visible reason at different times in the past week, I think maybe teeth?