Thursday, April 8, 2010

Slightly Better News...

Well, I'll do a quick update from the rest of the day. The health inspector came by the apartment finally, joined by SB (stonehearted bitch, remember?) and another office employee and the looks on their faces when I said that I had pictures of the unsanitary carpet dripping disgusting water on our patio and the bushes yesterday was PRICELESS! Honestly, it was the most gratifying part of my week making her look like an idiot. I will treasure those moments for a long, long time.

Also, the insurance representative came by to take a preliminary look at our furniture and damaged clothes to get a plan for tomorrow. He's said that it looks like most of it can be salvaged - YAY! - and what can't will be replaced. They're sending my clothes to a professional cleaner who specializes in removing smoke, water, and sewage damage from clothing so we're hopeful that most of it will survive. The same will be done for our damaged furniture, but there's not much of that. The guys are coming tomorrow to wipe down everything with anti-septic and get it all moved to a clean unit, then they'll move it directly from there to the cleaners or our new apartment. It's so nice, we don't have to pack much of anything!

Finally, we received written confirmation that we won't be held responsible for any lease-breaking fees but it took Travis calling SB's boss's boss to get it done. The lady at the top was shocked to hear about our plight and said it was the first time she was hearing about any of it. Travis also stated he felt a thorough investigation should be launched on SB and her business practices and corporate lady agreed. At least someone at the company has a brain.

The really terrible part of today though was discovering our basket of keepsakes from Eli and Jude's NICU stay is completely destroyed. They may be able to save the clothes they came home in by sending them to the cleaner's with mine, but the paper signs from their isolettes and their first bottles are trash now. Upon this discovery, I became inconsolably furious and distraught. Those "firsts" keepsakes mean so much to us, especially the bottles, because eating and coming home are huge milestones for preemies. I know it seems so small, but that's what really pushed me over the edge today. THAT is why I wanted to humiliate SB like never before. THAT is why I suddenly have no problems with bringing legal action. THAT is why I'll do whatever I can to get her fired. A good part of the damage to our priceless keepsakes and even the replaceable possessions like furniture and clothes could have been prevented. It makes me all riled up again just thinking about it. Maybe I'm crazy, but she brought this upon herself. She wanted a fight, and now it's ON.


  1. Aw I am so sorry to hear about your keepsakes. I don't know what I would do if that were to happen to me. Ugh I would just be so damn furious, I tell you what I hope she gets fired in the worse way possible. Well that sounds mean but thats what I think! Good luck to you!

  2. i was really feeling for you about this whole thing, but damn, when i read that those keepsakes were destroyed, my heart broke. i hope this bitch gets brought to justice. also, go to as many "apartment review" sites as you can find and write about this, as a warning to others.

  3. also, which complex? i'm apartment hunting and i don't want to get stuck with this one...

  4. The complex is The Lodge at Stone Oak Ranch: avoid it like the plague! We're moving to Riata, for the same price we're currently paying and tons of amenities.

  5. And yeah, we're in the process of writing up warnings for apartment hunting websites now; i'll be sure to include all the gory pictures =)