Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fresh Start!

There's not much to say right now because we've been so busy moving! We moved into our new apartment - and it's AWESOME! - yesterday and Travis and I have been trying to unpack as fast as we can so the boys have some place to run and play without breaking themselves or anything important. Tomorrow we turn in the keys to the poop-filled apartment. I went by this evening to do a walk-through with our complex's accountant and she told me we won't be charged for any kind of damages... even the ones we deserve to be charged for. That's one nice thing about having your apartment flood with sewage, I guess. So, I pulled the last of the nails out of the walls and tomorrow we're going to throw out all of our destroyed possessions and forfeit our keys to SB. Good riddance.

Today Travis has also been working on our insurance claim for all of our damaged items and it's very detailed and challenging. They want the model name, brand, price, and age of every item so I've been running all over the internet trying to find prices on shoes I bought three years ago and t-shirts I bought five years ago. I'm sure there's plenty of good reasons for this, including avoiding insurance fraud. At least we HAVE the damaged clothes to refer to, I can't even imagine what this would be like if we'd had a fire or something similar where everything was really destroyed!

I promise a better post in a few days once things have calmed down a little bit. And maybe even pictures of the new place!

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