Monday, October 25, 2010

omg, blogger is working!

Really, I think I just tricked my computer into letting me log on.  Sorry for the complete and total lack of posts this month.  First of all, things have been super crazy busy what with me going back to work full time and trying to get into the new swing of things.  Then, once I was actually ready and able to write posts my computer decided it no longer wanted to log in to blogger.  I have some kind of virus or adware or something, and I'm working on correcting the problem.  I switched browsers (woohoo google chrome!) and some of the websites that I couldn't access before magically work again.  Hopefully my computer will be feeling better soon though and I can make up for lost time with lots and lots of posts.  : )

The month of October has been incredibly packed full of events and awesomeness.  First of course, we started preschool/work and things are going great.  Eli and Jude are pretty well adjusted but still have some trouble here and there.  The worst part though is trying to go home because they never want to leave!  Second thing we did was first haircuts!  Both boys were real troopers and were pretty good at sitting still.  Eli stared at Dora the Explorer and didn't move at all.  Jude was a little squirmier and did not like them spraying his hair with water at all.  He also thought the buzzer tickled and kept scooting away from it.  Third, we went to Washington D.C. for my cousin Laura's wedding.  The flights were pretty uneventful - except for on the way up, the flight attendant was totally crazy and had me put both car seats next to each other which I'm pretty sure is against FAA rules - and the trip was a lot of fun.  It was great for Travis and the boys to get to meet the bulk of my Freeman family.  And the fourth (and fifth, carrying into November) event will be this weekend.  We are super excited for Halloween/Kristin and Brian's Wedding/The Election!  I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about as the week goes on.

I am exhausted right now, otherwise I would post a bazillion photos from this month.  I will try to add some in here and there as the week progresses.  Once again, I'm sorry for the lack of posts and I will do my best to make up for it now!

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  1. Hey, glad your back and that work/ preschool is going well! Missed your posts.