Monday, October 4, 2010


Things have changed quite a bit in the last couple of days here.  To make a long story sort of short, Travis and I decided that in order to make our budget a little less tight and leave some money to save towards a house that it was time for me to start looking for work.  I started out casually looking for a part time situation in the evenings so I could still stay home with the boys and Travis could be with them while I worked.  But then I stumbled across a want-ad that seemed to be written just for me.  I applied for the job and less than three days later, I have been offered the position.  And I start tomorrow.  I had no idea that it would happen so fast.  I'm still kind of reeling from how quickly things have changed.

The new job is a Nutritional Chef position with a local preschool.  I'll be responsible for making all snacks and meals for all of the students and be in charge of purchasing for the kitchen.  Because I'll be working at a preschool, part of my benefits is discounted childcare.  Eli and Jude start school tomorrow too.  They'll be in the two year old class and they'll be the second set of twins at the school.  We stopped by the school earlier today to pick up the enrollment forms and Eli and Jude did not want to leave.  I'm hoping this is a good omen for tomorrow and our first drop-off will not be too heart-wrenching for me.

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow - partly because it will be Eli and Jude's first day of preschool, partly for my first day of training - but I'm trying to think of the bigger picture.  The extra money I will bring in will make the very very distant dream of owning a house slightly closer.  It's just suddenly hitting me that they're starting preschool and I didn't expect to get so emotional.  I feel silly because it's just preschool!  But still, I guess it feels like the baby days are really gone and now it's time for toddlerhood and childhood.

Wish us luck!

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  1. Sounds like it was just meant to be!! It seems like the perfect situation that you'll all be in the same place! Good Luck!!