Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big, Super post!

A spinning video just to start us out since I haven't updated in forever (Sorry!)

Alright, a lot's happened in the last week and a half (more like 2? Sorry guys!) so I'll get right into it!

First, for my family's Easter, we visited Nanny and Poppa and the rest of the family up in Burnet! The boys of course were big stars, but this time they were joined by a lot of their little cousins, both old and new. In age order, first, we had Julie's daughter, Autumn, who looks a WHOLE lot older than I remember her looking! Dylan and Julie definitely have their hands full! Then, Eli and Jude, the cutest of all twins (not biased at all, can't you tell). Then we had Kai, our littlest boy cousin from Mexico, and Marieke and Scott certainly are doing a great job with him; he's the size of Eli and Jude and certainly has a White appetite! Last but certainly not least, we have Ava, Jason and Amanda's beautiful daughter. Her hair is SO LONG! She's only 9 months old but has more hair than each of the boys individually have grown in 2 years. Crazy!

By far, the most favorite aspect of the visit for the boys would be the music. Our Horne family is definitely very musically inclined, starting with Nanny at the top instilling all of us with the love of music that we have. It doesn't hurt that the boys LOVE the guitar, and especially when their Uncle Mike was playing

The boys had a great time, nonetheless. Eli and Jude both love going to see their family and we love seeing them all too! We had a fun trip; it's a shame that it'll probably be our last family get-together in Burnet; with Nanny and Poppa's advanced age, the decision has been made to probably reconvene at Uncle Steve's house. Hopefully, Alex and I will have a house soon to help contribute to housing the out of towners.

Ah, got to put up a picture of the Horne Clan!

So with the end of the Easter weekend, we planned to go see Grandma Horne for the weekend. This trip started out with a bit more excitement than we hoped. While packing the van for the trip, I saw some smoke coming from one of the maintenance golf carts. Thinking little more than a maint. member left a lit cigarette in an ashtray, I continued to pack the van by going inside to get more supplies. When I walked out, the cart has gone from smoking to full on flames. I quickly dashed back inside to grab our handheld kitchen fire extinguisher and unloaded it on the fire, to no avail. I bolted for the main office, which is close by our apartment, to report the fire and call the fire department. Luckily, the fire department is quite swift on getting out to the fire; I think it took about 8 minutes for a fire truck to arrrive and douse the flames with their industrial fire extinguishing skills. During all of this drama, the boys saw the big fire truck and were happily screaming inside to see it and fortunately, the firemen obligued our favorite duo to a little trip up into the truck, and additional stickers afterwards!

After we ensured that our apartment was in fact, not going to go up in flames (the cart was right in front of our apartment!), we drove down to Houston to see Grandma! The entire trip was a ton of fun; the boys really enjoyed playing with their Grandma and of course, everyone's favorite boxer dog Dixie! Being the dog lovers that they are, they couldn't get enough of her and were constantly playing with her, once they warmed up to how big she was. Alex got to catch up on a lot of sleep as well, and Grandma and I took the opportunity to take the babies off to the zoo!

Eli and Jude LOVED the zoo. Their favorite animals? Probably the Giraffes, Elephants and of course, "Baby Jaguar", who I think was actually a leopard. Either way, a large cat and the babies were very enamored with it. Eli and Jude also had a great time running through the HUGE zoo! I didn't remember how large that place was until we walked around the zoo; truly, the whole zoo while skipping lots of places, in about 4 hours. Fortunately, Grandma remembered to pack a delicious lunch for us all while we were at the zoo, and both Eli and Jude really enjoyed eating ham and cheese sandwiches in the middle of the aviary! It truly was a great visit to the zoo.

So after the zoo, one would think our day would be done, right? NOPE! We were just beginning. The boys slept on the drive back to Grandma's house, and when we got there, they slept a bit more; so tired probably because we walked SO much. After our naps, Eli and Jude had their first ever trip to Chuck "E." Cheese's, something I was very surprised at being appropriate for kids. I remembered a whole lot more games for older kids at Chuck, but it seems like this Chuck E Cheese had a TON of young-focused activities, and the boys really caught on it. They had a great time thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, who really were excited to be there for their first Chuck's trip. I'm sure that if we ever mention the name again to the boys, they'll jump at the chance to go again! The pizza was delicious (to them), the games were fun, the rides were silly but enjoyable for the duo anyway.

Finally at Grandma's house, we had to leave early in the afternoon to get back to Mommy could get back to work, but we had one more opportunity to swim in the kiddie pool on Sunday morning. The boys, being the boys that they are, ALWAYS love that opportunity and jumped at the chance to get their bathing suits on! This one also has a few videos, so I'll let them speak for me.

That brings us back to where I am today... suffering from a sad moment of baby interference. So, Eli and Jude have forced our hand with several electronic upgrades recently; our broken HDTV, broken toys, lights, etc. Lots of stuff. Well, the boys are at it again. This time, they borked Alex's computer (with a little help from yours truly). Somehow, the boys shoved an SD card into the computer's CD drive, destroying the drive and I think also destroying the disc inside... not as bad as destroying the drive. So, this computer's monitor is now damaged by the boys, the CD drive is damaged (and whining when turned on... ) and during my attempt to fix the problem, I broke a plastic insert within the computer, which ensured that I can't connect the touchpad to the motherboard. I despise Dell for their poor, shoddy construction, something that I haven't ever dealt with on my MacBook. Anyway... we were going to get Alex a new computer in the next year or so anyway, since her current computer is about 4 years old this fall... but now that the computer barely works, it's time to get an upgrade. The cheapest plan right now for us is for me to give her my MacBook Pro, which is still a powerhouse, with its dedicated graphics for Alex's video editing and (ahem) Sims 3 gaming pleasure, while I downgrade to a new MacBook Air (or more specifically, a refurbished one) once the next model comes out and drops the price below 1k. If you'd like to donate to the cause, travis.horne (at) gmail.com is open for your paypal pleasure (seriously, I doubt anyone will actually do it, but one can hope, especially since you won't need that money after tomorrow anyway because the rapture is coming! /sarcasm). On a more serious note, I'm still hoping to land a permanent teaching position, so if you've got one of those open, e-mail me! I know I said to my lovely wife that I'm okay with her bringing home the bacon a bit more than me, I'd really like to bring more bacon home so she doesn't have to work such horrid hours.

Well, that's it for me today... I plan on taking the boys to the Austin Children's Museum for the next post, but since I'm working all this next week, I probably won't be able to. Maybe the next week? The summer is long in Texas, so don't worry, Alex and I will have plenty of time to blast away at plenty of the local things to do!

One more last video!

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