Monday, April 11, 2011

Return of the sickness

Hi everyone, sorry that we haven't updated that frequently this week; I've been sick with a stupid bronchitus infection, the boys have been not feeling the best, and Alex has been exhausted and stresssed with her night shift Panera bread job. Whew... so exhausting. Also in other notes, I find it completely ironic that I have a better chance right now finding a position with a school district in administration doing similar work that I used to do than as a teacher. So. Crazy. Ugh.

Anyway, back to the babies. They've been feeling under the weather this last week, and really only have started to feel better in the last couple of days. Sickness seems to come with the terretory of school though, so I suppose this will not end for 16 or so years.

Eli and Jude are also developing so well these days. They're big talkers, giving full sentences regularly, and they're calling everyone by their names these days and can even remember things that have happened in the not so distant past with them. It's really exciting to see them growing into little young children.

Oh, one thing I'm really tired of is Toy Story. The boys have only wanted to watch "Buzz and Woody!" for the last couple of days, I think I'm going to gouge out my eyes over the Toy Story overload. Definitely used to be one of my favorite animated movies, but not any longer.

Other advancements with the boys: they've discovered how to open doors, extremely successfully. We tried to get door knob locks for their room so they'd go to sleep at bedtime of 7:30 instead of playing with the door until 9pm, but they dismantled the best we could find in about 30 seconds. I finally had enough on Sunday and reversed the door knobs during their naptime. This means that the door inside their room cannot be opened without the key when it's locked, a key which we store in the top of the room door (somewhere they have no idea where it is). It's worked wonderfully so far; the boys hate being locked in there, but that's the only way they will actually sleep. The past few nights they've gone to sleep at a normal time, and my sanity has been restored to fullness again. Oh, one concern we had about it would be little ones taking off their diapers and spreading a poopy mess all over their room, but that fear has been minimized by the fact the boys seem to be smarter than to do that these days.

Okay, well now what you've probably been waiting for, the new little video of the boys. I took it on my ipad, which isn't the best camera, but really haven't had a whole lot of time or places to take videos being sick! This one is of the boys playing with their aunties in the pool, which was surprisingly warm enough to dive into this week. I got in shortly after this video was taken, and I'd rate its temperature around 74~75F, which is equivalent to some of the lakes I used to swim in at Pennsylvania, but it was passable none the less and the boys really, really loved the opportunity to swim! Eli bonked his face on a bar getting out of the pool, so he has a bit of a fat lip from the cut, but otherwise, everyone did fine!

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