Saturday, March 19, 2011

Placeholder for Spinning babies and Swinging babies

So spring break this year was pretty tame; I've been applying for a host of job opportunities since I am starting to have less and less faith in the Texas Legislature to fully fund schools, thereby not giving me a job in Education in the next year, so I've been rather busy. Eli and Jude have had a whole lot of fun though at school; their new school is awesome and they're loving every day they go! Just like pre-school before, they don't ever want to leave, and I love that fact since I know they're learning and loving every minute. In our free time though, we've been having a lot of fun at the park.

First time swinging!

And at home; we've been trying to be a bit more active. I'm thinking about trying out the pool tomorrow if the weather cooperates, if so, you'll see a much better video than this one. If not, we'll see what I'll do instead!

They love spinning in this chair.

Looking at these videos reminds me that we really need to get our spring cleaning on. Our apartment is kind of a disaster as of late, owing to the fact that Alex is transitioning her sleep to a daytime sleep and the fact that we just want to spend some time together when she's not sleeping or working, and not clean, but I think we really need to get down to it this next week. Maybe on one of her days off? I doubt we'll take a video of it though!

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